EAS 546

Lecture Topic Reading Assignment Team Writing Assignment Team Presentation Assignment
Course Introduction: Twelve Steps to a Successful Business Plan (1)
Effective Presentations
Intro to Step 1 – Concept Analysis Morgan, N. “The Kinesthetic Speaker – Putting Action into Words.” (5)
Review Others’ Proposals
High-tech Business Concept Proposal
High-tech Business Concept Proposal
Competitive Strategy IA: Industry Analysis and the Five Forces (2)
Intro to Step 2 – Industry and Marketplace Analysis
Bhide, A. “The Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer. (3)
Step 1 – Concept Analysis
Concept Analysis Worksheets Critique of Reading Assignment
Summary of Concept Analysis
Competitive Strategy IB: Industry Analysis and the Five Forces (2)
The Mission Statement
Intro to Step 3 – Marketing Plan
Sahlman, W. “How to Write a Great Business Plan. (3)
Levinson, J. “Guerilla Marketing” Chapters 1-3 and 8.4
Step 2 – Industry and Marketplace Analysis
Product / Services Description
Industry Analysis
Marketplace Analysis
Critique of Reading Assignment
Product/Services Description
Competitive Strategy II: Strategic Groups and Determinants of Profitability (2)
Intro to Step 4 – Operations Plan
Porter, M. “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy.” (5)
Kim, W. and R. Mauborgne, “Creating New Market Space.” (5)
Levinson, J. “Guerilla Marketing” Chapter 4.4
Step 3 – Marketing Plan
Mission Statement
Customer Analysis
Target Market
Critique of Reading Assignment
Target Market
Competitive Strategy III: Emerging Industries (2)
Pricing Strategy
Intro to Step 5 –
Development Plan
Dolan, R. “How Do You Know When the Price is Right?” (5)
Levinson, J. “Guerilla Marketing” Chapter 5.4
Which Legal Form is Best For Your Business.”
Step 4 – Operations Plan
Company Overview
Competitor Analysis
Product/Service Strategy (including product attribute mapping)
Scope of Operations
Critique of Reading Assignment
Scope of Operations
Four P’s of Market Strategy: Product, Place, Price and Promotion
Intro to Step 6 – Strategy Integration
Block, Z. and I. MacMillan, “Milestones for Successful Venture Planning. (3)
Step 5 – Development Plan Calculator
Development Timeline (Gantt, PERT or similar format)
Development Strategy
Pricing Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Company Organization
Management Team
Critique of Reading Assignment
Development Plan
Financial Workbook: Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis

Intro to Step 7 – Revenue and Cost Forecasts

Rock, A. “Strategy vs. Tactics from a Venture Capitalist. (3)

Step 6 – Strategy Integration

Advertising and Sales Strategy
Operations Strategy
Development Strategy (rewrite)
Critique of Reading Assignment
Marketing Plan
Breakeven Analysis
Intro to Step 8 – Financial Statements
The Balance Sheet (5)
The Income Statement (5)
Step 7 – Revenue and Cost Forecasts
Financial Workbook: Industry Ratios Financial Statements
Operations Plan
Capital Structure and Cost of Capital
Sustainable Growth Rate
Intro to Step 9 – Capital Requirements
Assessing a Firm’s Future Financial Health (5)
Step 8 – Financial Statements
Marketing and Sales Forecasts
Operating, Development and Administrative Expense Estimates
Financial Assumptions
Financial Forecasts
Financial Workbook: Cash Flow
Critique of Reading Assignment
Income Outlook
The Art of Persuasion
Intro to Step 10 – Business Valuation
Stancill, J. “How Much Money Does Your New Venture Need? (3)
Step 9 – Capital Requirements
Revise and Integrate:
– Industry and Marketplace Analysis
– Marketing Plan
– Operations Plan
– Development Plan
Capital requirements
Financial Risks
Exit Strategies
Critique of Reading Assignment
Capital Requirements, Financial Risks, Exit Strategies and Ratio Analysis
Dealing With the Press
Intro to Step 11 – Publishing the Plan
Shaw, G. et al. “Strategic Stories: How 3M is Rewriting Business Planning.” (5)
Step 10 – Business Valuation
Offer Statement
Executive Summary
Critique of Reading Assignment
Offer Statement
Intro to Step 12 – Presenting the Plan Step 11 – Publishing the Plan Preliminary Draft of Integrated Plan Plan Presentation (Dry Run)
Review Panel Introduction Step 12 – Presenting the Plan Finalized Plan Plan Presentation to Review Panel