Faculty Seminars

Penn Engineering Entrepreneurship hosts a semester seminar series, Research Impact. This in-person seminar series is for faculty, PhD’s, and postdoctoral fellows that are considering opportunities for bringing their research out of the lab and make a larger impact. Featuring content delivered by our colleagues for our colleagues, we will share insights and answer questions about commercialization, intellectual property, licensing, and startup ventures.

Past Events

Bring your Research of out the Lab 

This session provided an introduction innovation and entrepreneurship process. In addition to review key considerations for exploring opportunities for research beyond publication, we will discuss alternative approaches to increasing the value of research. Faculty and practitioners will review commercialization, licensing, and venture creation based on technological innovation.

Session Leaders:

  • Jeffrey Babin, Practice Professor in Entrepreneurship
  • Andrew Tsourkas, Professor in Bioengineering; Co-Founder of AlphaThera; Co-Founder of StreamLaunch