Alumni and Student Comments

Alumni of Engineering Entrepreneurship say…

“Engineering Entrepreneurship is the best business course I have ever taken, and without a doubt the most practical one. It inspired me to start my first company back in 2003 using all I learned, and has remained with me as an invaluable tool-box in all the ventures I took part in ever since. If you’re an engineer thinking about starting your own venture, you simply must take this course.” -Roee A.

“The course was to me a sneak-peek into the future. Sitting in class and attempting to tackle some tough dilemmas that successful high-tech entrepreneurs had to deal with in the past – as well as meeting some of them in person – helped prepare me to build my own company and saved me from making (at least some…) mistakes. The course is professionally crafted and fascinatingly taught, and whether you’re the next Jobs, Gates, Zuckerberg, or Schmidt, I’d highly recommend taking this course.” – Ben M.

“The class really prepared me for the business world.” – Vanessa C.

“So many of the concepts and ideas that I learned in class have manifest themselves on a professional level throughout my experiences at work. But so many more have crystallized in my everyday life.” – Craig E.

“We had a quarterly business review luncheon yesterday and it seemed as if it were an expanded version of one of our classes. The President went over the business plan and the latest updates. I have to admit that I was in the minority of people who had heard that before.” – Adrianne W.

Students of Engineering Entrepreneurship say…

  • “The material learned in this class is essential to any engineer.”
  • “A great course! I certainly walked away with a much better understanding of entrepreneurship, particularly in a high-tech environment.”
  • “A phenomenal course!”
  • “Inspirational!”
  • “Case discussion and opportunities to voice an opinion encouraged me to think in class instead of being a passive participant.”
  • “This is a demanding course, but well worth it.”
  • “Stimulating!”
  • “The case discussions are very thought provoking.”
  • “By far, after 4 years at (another Ivy university) and 3 at Penn, the best, most interesting and useful class I have ever had.”
  • “It was a lot of work, but the rewards reaped from the class far outweigh what we had to put into it.”
  • “This is a ‘must-take’ course for engineering students.”
  • “Hands down, the best class I’ve ever taken. I will refer back to it for the rest of my life.”