Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship

Penn Engineering offers a Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship (EENT), complementing the core engineering disciplines. This Minor is designed for students majoring in engineering and applied science. However, it is open to all University undergraduates subject to available class space.  Non-engineering students should check with their home schools to determine their eligibility to take the EENT Minor. All courses for the EENT Minor must be taken for a grade (no Pass/Fail). Successful completion of EAS 545 is a prerequisite to EAS 546 or EAS 549.

**For current Pass/Fail grade information please see the SEAS website**

Six courses are required for a Minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship, comprised of the following:

Required (2 CU):

Electives (4 CU):

  • BE 370: Medical Device Development
  • BE 470 Medical Devices
  • BE 502 From Laboratory to Marketplace
  • BE 514/IPD 504 Rehabilitation Engineering and Design
  • BE 515 Bioengineering Case Studies
  • BE 608: Translational Therapeutics
  • CBE 400: Introduction to Product and Process Design
  • CBE 459: Product and Process Design Projects
  • CBE/BE 562 Drug Discovery & Development
  • EAS 203 Engineering Ethics or LGST 100 Ethics & Social Resp. or EAS/BE 303 Ethics and Social Responsibility for Engineers OR HSOC 101 Biomedical Ethics OR HSOC 102 Bioethics OR PHIL 072
  • EAS507 Intellectual Property and Business Law for Engineers
  • EAS 512 Engineering Negotiations
  • EAS 549 Engineering Entrepreneurship Lab
  • EAS 595 Foundations of Leadership
  • ESE 400/540 Engineering Economics
  • ESE 444/544 Project Management
  • ESE 543 Human Systems Engineering
  • FNCE 250 Venture Capital and the Finance of Innovation
  • HCMG 867 Healthcare Entrepreneurship
  • IPD 509 Needfinding
  • IPD 511 Creative Thinking and Design
  • IPD 552 Problem Framing
  • LAW 507 Introduction to Intellectual Property Law and Policy or LAW 677 Patent Law
  • LAW 528 Intro to General Business Law
  • LAW 764 Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
  • LGST 222: Internet Law
  • MEAM 415/OPIM 415/IPD 515 Product Design
  • MEAM 514/IPD 514 Design for Manufacturability
  • MGMT 231: Venture Implementation
  • MGMT 264 Venture Capital and Entrepreneurial Management
  • MKTG 241 Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • NETS 112 Networked Life
  • OIDD 236: Scaling Technology Ventures
  • OIDD 659: Advanced Topics & Methods for Product Design
  • VIPR 120 & VIPR 121: Must take both courses for 1 cu

To apply: Please complete the APPLICATION FORM and submit the form as per the enclosed instructions.

Inquiries: Contact the Engineering Entrepreneurship program’s Administrative Coordinator, Angela Busichio at busichio@seas.upenn.edu

Requirements: Engineering minors consist of at least 6 course units, all of which must be taken for a grade. No more than two courses in the engineering minor may be double counted with courses specified on the student’s Course Planning Guide.

PLEASE NOTE: If a student in the EENT minor program has taken the following courses before the Fall 2015 semester they will count towards their EENT minor. If these courses are taken after Spring 2015 we will not recognize them as EENT minor courses.

LGST 206, MGMT 291, OPIM 291, EDUC 509 and EAS 590.

If a student in the EENT minor program has taken LGST 210 before the Fall 2017 semester it will count towards their EENT minor. The course LGST 210 is now rostered as LGST 100 Ethics & Social Resp.  LGST 100 is an accepted EENT minor course.