Other Resources

Penn, Penn Engineering, and Philadelphia offer many resources and opportunities for faculty and students interested in entrepreneurship. This includes grant funding, prototyping facilities, and mentorship.

Venture Lab @ Penn

Venture Lab is the entrepreneurship center at the Wharton School that serves all students and alumni across the University of Pennsylvania who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. We maximize the ability of our students and alumni to address important challenges through entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking.

Penn Engineering Entrepreneurship collaborates with Venture Lab by supporting the Engineering MakerSpaces and through Jeffrey Babin, our faculty member and Engineering Faculty Director for Venture Lab.

Venture Lab is housed in Tangen Hall and is open to ALL Penn students.


Resources in the Engineering Quad

The Penn Engineering Quad, made up of the Levine Hall, Moore Building, Towne Building, and Skirkanich Hall houses a number of resources available to Penn Engineering students.

Other Resources and websites

Recommended Readings

We draw some of our key readings in our courses from the following books. These are well worth a complete read to gain insights about building great hi-tech ventures. Some of these books were written years ago; however, classics remain relevant!